* Sciatica Nerve Pain

Facial Rejuvenation

*Reduce fine lines & wrinkles
*Softer, Moisturized Skin
*Even skin tone, healthier circulation 
*Increase muscle tone & firm jaw line
*Reduce & prevent acne
*Reduce puffiness

Therapeutic Massage

Serving the Coachella Valley since 2013, we have very talented Massage Therapists, who will use their wide variety of advanced training and experience to provide you with a great massage that will be worth your time and money!  Please call so that we can match the right therapist and most effective massage style for your individual needs!


* Pain Control

* Stress Reduction

* Herbal Medication

TY Healing Center Acupuncture Clinic

A Natural Way To Properly Treat Your Body!


* Vertigo & Dizziness

* Acupuncture

* Headache & Migraines