Thank you so much
  My wife came in with a very painful sciatic nerve.  She was unable to move without pain shooting  down     her right side. Sharon performed her magic on her (acupuncture ) and the next day was pain free.
  Thank you. We are believers
  R Lakey

  Thank you Sharon!
   I have had problems for years with my stomach.  It couldn't handle spicy or red sauces after eating              either of these foods i had to use restroom. And i didn't  have any choice.
   I couldn't  control to use restroom.  After just one treatment  of acupuncture  and moxa 
   The problem went away. I cannot  thank Sharon enough. 
   AT Diaz


  I came to your clinic about two months  ago because i was in pain as a result of an auto/pedestrian  accident. 
  I had tried various treatment  which  included pain medications anti- inflammatory  medications sleep                                   medications. .
  Chiropractic,  manipulation,  holistic chiropractic,  surgery, shoulder injections...
  None of which really helped.
  To my amazement after i got treatment  couple times from you. I was noticing  difference.  I could  raise both arms.            fully extended and my neck didn't  bother me as much at night. My upper back and scapula was also feeling                          better. 
  I was a miserable  human  being  when  i entered your clinic and i am leaving your clinic with a renewed  perspective         on life
 Thank you. 

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